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How Do Neon Signs Work?

How Do Neon Signs Work?

If you are searching “how do neon signs work” or “what is a neon sign”, this post by Arizona Commercial Signs should help! A custom neon sign can greatly increase your visibility and attract customers, day or night with innovative designs and beautiful colors.

How Do Neon Signs Work?

A neon light is manufactured as a gas-filled tube with an electrical connection on both ends. An electric current is applied of acceptable voltage and amperage to add energy to the electrons of the gas (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, and Xenon for example). Those electrons consume the supplied energy and move to a higher orbit around the nucleus. The electrons lose the provided extra energy and “fall” to the original, lower orbit, giving off a glow of light in the process; the wavelength is particular  to the gas being utilized.

What Is A Neon Sign?

Neon signs are electric signs lighted by long luminous gas-discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases. Neon was discovered in 1898 by the British scientists William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers. Neon tube signs are produced by the craft of bending glass tubing into letters and shapes. Neon signs can be used for a company logo or for advertising.

What Are Different Types Of Gases Neon Signs Use?

Depending on the gases used, different colors will give off a different glow. When introduced to an electric field these gases give off the following colors:

Helium – gives off a red-orange glow

Neon – gives off an orange-red glow

Argon – gives off a lilac/ violet glow

Krypton – gives off a whitish glow

Xenon – gives off a blue glow

Mercury Vapor – gives off a blue glow

Neon Signs get your business noticed in a big way. Choosing the right gas to match your company logo color or advertising is important. Mixing gases and added to a neon light creates different hues. Keep in mind your color may not be able to replicate.

What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Neon Signs?

Neon signs are still a favorite choice when it comes to the advertising your business or a company logo. To many people they may seem out of date, now that the newer modern LED signs have become more cost-effective, but those looking for something unique to make their business stand out from the crowd, still choose neon.

Pros Of Neon Signs

Pro 1. Custom made neon signs can be created in almost any shape or form.

Pro 2. There is an almost old-fashioned nostalgia to neon that makes them a great choice for businesses.

Pro 3. Neon can also be shaped to look cutting edge and modern, it’s all in the design.

Pro 4. When a company or business is looking to build a unique brand a custom made neon sign could be an valuable part of the branding process.

Pro 5. Quality built neon signs need little maintenance and are long lasting.

Cons Of Neon Signs

Con 1. Neon signs are bigger than the more slim line LED signs on the market today.

Con 2. The glass tubes used in these signs weigh more than lighter plastic signs.

Con 3. Neon takes more electricity to run than LED signs do.

Con 4. Neon does come in a lot more colors than it used to, but if you want a certain shade it may be difficult.

Manufacturing Neon Signs

The manufacturing of neon signs mainly is a manual process. It entails the bending of the tubing and attaching the electrodes, removing any impurities from inside the tubing, then expelling the air and adding the gas. The following process is typical.

Preparing The Tubing-

The tubing is cleaned, coated, baked in an oven, then allowed to cool.

Bending The Tubing-

The design is laid out on a sheet of heat resistant sheet of asbestos, then heated and bent to the desired design. An electrode is then heated and fused onto each edge.

Bombarding The Tubing-

Impurities are removed from the glass, phosphors and electrodes.

Filling The Tube-

Gas is then introduced at low pressure; the tubing is then heated and sealed off.

Aging The Tube-

The finished gas-filled tubing is put through an aging process.

Installation And Mounting-

Smaller neon signs are mounted on their framework and wired in the business. Larger signs may be mounted in pieces and put into place on the building.

Neon Sign Design & Installation

Neon signs can help brand your business whether it be a company logo or for advertising. Custom neon signs can put your company above the rest. Arizona Commercial Signs is a full-service sign company providing expert sign designers, builders, fabricators, and installers serving the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and surrounding cities.

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