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How Pylon Signs Can Increase Your Sales By 15%

Pylon Signs: Also known as Freeway signs, highway signs, road side signs or small billboards

For banks, restaurants, shopping centers, businesses and others

So you had fancy monument sign installed and now you think your business will stand out along side your competitors; right? However, you have lunch with one of your nearest competitors and they mention how they are installing a pylon sign in the near future. Should you be worried? More importantly, are pylon signs better than monument signs? Let’s take a look at the difference; but the short answer is “Yes“, pylon signs are better than monument signs and here’s the answers why.

A visibility of signage study conducted by the University of Cincinnati found that pylon signs increased sales for banks by 15% and also concluded that pylon signs were more visible than monument signs for any business type. Here are what the stats are looking like.


Signs that can be seen from a distance are the best and get the attention of consumers.  Here you’ll find ratings for different types of signs and can see that pylon signs offer maximum visibility!

  • Pylon Signs: .91 and were deemed to have high visibility (Winner!)
  • Monument Signs: .38 and were deemed to have moderate visibility
  • Wall Letter Vertically: .8 and were deemed to have identity but no visibility
  • Wall Letters Other: .12 and were deemed to have identity but no visibility

Pylon signs are the clear cut winner with the highest visibility and exposure for your business!



Pylon signs are much taller than the traditional monument sign. Monument signs are usually about as tall as the average person. Pylon signs are illuminated or non-illuminated cabinets mounted on staged poles ranging from 10-80 feet in height and can also be built very similar looking to monument signs but much taller. They are very similar to pole signs and are perfect for attracting attention to your business from far away.


Pylon Signs soar higher above your business’ location than monuments signs do. In shopping centers, pylon signs actually resemble monument signs but can attach a marker to a skinny pole. These signs are the go to option for the no compromise business that wants to be seen by drivers who are far away. That’s why these signs are also referred to as “freeway signs, highway signs, road side signs or small billboards.

Stand Out

As seen in “signage having the highest visibility” section, pylon signs stand out over monument signs 2 to 1. You are much more likely to be seen over your competitors using a pylon signage. Although, adding message boards to your monument sign with changeable LED letter options can make your monument sign stand out that much more.


Popular and proven roadside signage solutions

Need more customers to find your business? Arizona Commercial Signs has been providing low-cost, high quality pylon signs that the Phoenix Valley depends on. Our professionally constructed pylon signs can make the difference you need.


Advanced solutions for roadside signage

Illuminated pylon signs are easily seen at anytime of the day! They will attract attention from a distance and provide a longer viewing window to drivers and passengers who drive past your location.  This increases your business’s visibility to keep your product or services on consumer’s minds.

Pylon signs are most popular with banks, retailers, hospitals, hotels, churches, restaurants, shopping centers, offices and more.

Pylon signs from Arizona Commercial Signs can take your signage impact to a new level and get people in your door. The high soaring freestanding pylon signs provide your customers with advance notice of your business and increase your company’s visibility and exposure.

Creating and designing a pylon sign can be a challenging task but the professionals at Arizona Commercial Signs can help! From navigating permits and zoning laws to deciding on what technology and materials best suit your individual needs, our experienced team will ensure your new pylon sign is a visually attractive long term solution.

Whichever style of pylon sign you choose, you can trust Arizona Commercial Signs for all the help you need. We are your go-to signage and graphics resource and can help with Site assessment, Sign Design, permitting and installing your pylon sign.  We take care of the details and simply make the sign you need to keep customers walking through your door.


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