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LED Signs

If you’re searching for “outdoor led signs for business” in Phoenix, Arizona commercial signs can help. Receive a free LED sign quote for design and installation by giving Arizona Commercial Signs a call at 480-921-9900.

In the competitive world of advertising having the ability to change content quickly and stay current with trends, holidays, and our customer’s needs is critical for being the dominant leader in every industries, and with LED displays keeping up with the pace is easy.

LED Sign Design And Installation In Phoenix

Benefits of LED Signs

Every business benefits from using LED signs flashing their brand and current offers to entice the public in a bright. colorful, and vibrant fashion

  • LED displays are an excellent way to make your business stand out day and night, in any conditions.
  • They provide plenty of visibility, have long life spans, are very energy efficient and have adjustable brightness
  • LED displays afford the ability to constantly change the message and graphics displayed or they can be used to show a static image with backlighting.
  • They also can last upwards of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is a full 4 to 5 years compared to fluorescent and neon.
  • LED signs take less power than traditional bulbs, therefore giving off less heat.
  • LED signs have far fewer maintenance requirements than other lighting systems.
  • Using LED signs has proven to attract customers as they offer the advantage of relaying information before a potential client even sets foot into your establishment.
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Free LED Sign Design And Installation Quotes In Phoenix

Arizona Commercial Signs offers full color options as well as basic scrolling display options for LED signs. We keep our prices competitive and are able to fit our sign services into almost any budget. To get more information or receive a free LED sign quote for design and installation give Arizona Commercial Signs a call at 480-921-9900.