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Commercial Sign Permits Phoenix

Commercial Sign Permits Phoenix

When you are searching the phrase “commercial sign permits Phoenix“, Arizona Commercial Signs can help! If you cannot locate the info you need, contact our Commercial Sign Permit team in Phoenix at 480-921-9900.

We know from experience that starting a sign project can be a challenging task. That’s why we take care of the entire permitting process from start to finish. We are one of Phoenix, Arizona’s largest sign installers and will make the sign development process easy for you and your business.

Our project managers consult with you about sign codes and sign regulations in your area and any that are imposed by the property management company where you business is located. Our experts have years of experience in dealing with permit applications and can help you get a quick review and approval.

Commercial Sign Permit Checklist

A lot of planning and measurements go into submitting a sign permit. Here is the checklist for submitting an application.

A. Ground Sign Location

  1. Provide the shortest amount of distance from the edge (leading) of the sign to your property line.
  2. Provide the shortest amount of distance from the closest driveway to your sign.
  3. Indicate if there are any utilities location near the sign.
  4. Provide the height of the sign from adjacent street grade.
  5. Indicate the sign distance triangle if your business is located at a driveway intersection or street intersection (For requirements, see Zoning Ordinance requirements Section 705)
  6. If you are using a structure that is existing, provide sign or building permit number(s).
  7. Provide the linear frontage of the property.

B. Wall Sign Location

  1. Provide the length of tenant space or elevation where your sign will be installed.
  2. Provide an elevation view of the signs location.
  3. Provide the amount of distance from the top of the roof to the sign and the side of the building to the sign.
  4. Provide the height from the grade to the top of the sign.
  5. Provide the height of the building (if roofline varies, provide all heights).

C. Sign Structure/Face

  1. Show length and height of sign structure (individual letter should be enclosed within the lowest regular geometric figure)
  2. Show length and height of all wording, insignia and horizontal spacing.
  3. Show materials and color of sign structure.
  4. Your sign must display your business name predominantly.
  5. The height of the leading letter must be uniform with your business name.
  6. Show texture and color of the background material of your sign.

D. Miscellaneous

  1. If you are installing a sign in a multi-tenant complex, consult the Comprehensive Sign Plan for color, type, and style regulations.
  2. For multi-tenant complex, consult Comprehensive Sign Plan for type, color, and style regulations.
  3. For 2 story buildings or higher, indicate how many floors on the elevation plan.
  4. Provide the approved site plan.
  5. Provide the floor plan for the tenant space within your multi-tenant building.
  6. Provide installation section/detail drawing of sign.
  7. If you are looking to Fast Track your install, click here for requirements.

As you can see, there are many steps in submitting and getting an approval for a sign permit. Let Arizona Commercial Signs handle the sign permitting process for you. Give us a call today at 480-921-9900 for a free Phoenix sign permitting consultation.

Where to Apply For A Commercial Sign Permit With The City Of Phoenix

Where To Submit Commercial Sign Permits In Phoenix - Phoenix City Hall

Sign permit applications can be submitted at the Development Center (at the signs counter) located on the 2nd floor of Phoenix City Hall, located at 200 W. Washington (NE corner of 3rd Avenue and Washington Street).

Helpful Links Phoenix.Gov

(Phoenix.Gov) The following information is provided by Phoenix.gov and includes information regarding sign requirements and talks about the most frequently asked sign permitting questions.


Political Signs

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) regarding signage

Sign Ordinance


Application Requirements

Design Review

Temporary Signs

Signs in Drainage Easements, Guideline

For more details about plan review and permitting, select from the following links.

Contact us for Commercial Sign Permits Phoenix

If you cannot locate the info you need, please feel free to contact our Commercial Sign Permit team in Phoenix at 480-921-9900.  We focus on making the best signs, streamlining the process of getting one, and have absolute dedication to customer service.

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