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Sign Repair, Maintenance & Removal

When you search for sign service or sign repair, sign maintenance or sign removal in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe or anywhere else in Arizona, our team can help!  When your sign needs maintenance or repair who better to do the job than the company that made it?

Sign Service

Arizona Commercial Signs keeps your signs looking beautiful and functioning perfectly throughout the year.  If you do happen to have an outage or any other type of problem with your sign, we keep our trucks fully stocked and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice in order to quickly and efficiently remedy the problem the first time at a fair price. Trust Arizona Commercial Signs to handle all of your signage needs, you won’t regret it we guarantee it.

If you don’t know who made the sign on your business or know it was another company Arizona Commercial Signs we is happy to take care of your sign, if we made it or not. We can handle any job, big or small when it comes to repair and maintenance.  Let us demonstrate our commitment to prompt and professional service by having our technicians come and help maintain or repair your sign.

Sign Repair

Whether you need electric sign repair, neon sign repair, exterior or interior sign repair, or LED sign repair, Arizona Commercial Signs has the experience and expertise to fix any issue your sign may be facing.  If you need bulbs replaced, ballast changed out, or a more serious problem fixed, Arizona Commercial Signs can come at a moment’s notice and quick response time to every customer.

  • Sign electrical repair
  • Light bulb replacements
  • Channel letter repairs
  • Lift truck sign repair
  • LED repair & replacement
  • Storm damage sign repair

Sign Maintenance

We pride ourselves being prompt whenever a current or new customer calls us for any type of sign repair, no matter what type of sign it is. With our professional sign service and repair your sign will look just like new. We will work hard to ensure your sign functions the way it was designed.

  • Sign Repair
  • Sign Cleaning
  • Sign Service
  • Sign re-finishing
  • Sign re-positioning
  • Sign re-facing
  • Sign re-lamping
  • Sign re-painting
  • Argon/Neon replacement
  • Energy efficient signage upgrades
  • Storm or Monsoon Damaged Sign Repair

Sign Upgrades

  • Digital sign upgrades
  • Sign lighting upgrades
  • Sign face replacement
  • Update Older Signs

Sign Removal

We provide sign removal services for those who are moving out of a building.  Whether you just need it take down or you want to take your sign with you, we can help!  We can assist with transporting it to and install it at your new location. Sign removal is a delicate process that should only be handled by professionals to ensure proper removal. Sign removal includes:

  • Making sure the power source and wiring is closed off
  • Remove harness and brackets that support the sign
  • Protect the sign during transport
  • Repairing damage to the building made by your brackets or harness

Need Sign Service or Repair? Get a Free Quote!

Do you need sign service or repair for your business or have questions about sign design, fabrication, or installation in Phoenix? To get more information or receive a free quote for service and repair give Arizona Commercial Signs a call at 480-921-9900.