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Exterior Building Signs

Exterior Building Signs Phoenix

At “Arizona Commercial Signs“, we are Phoenix’s premier Exterior Building Sign fabrication & installation team you have been searching for! We are exterior building signage experts and know exactly what it takes to build high quality outdoor signage for business in the Phoenix Valley.


Select the type of exterior business sign or commercial building sign you are interested in to read more about each type.


Day and night, advertising is absolutely critical to let your customers/audience easily find you so your company continues to grow and maintain your business. Give your business a highly visible and  memorable brand for everyone to see. Your exterior building sign or commercial sign will give your customers/ potential customers a way to see your business to remember who and where you are.

Your custom commercial building sign is sure to bring an increase traffic to business with exciting colors and custom design leading to enhanced visibility. Our exterior building & commercial business signs come in many different styles and can also be custom designed to your specifications. Your building is waiting for one of our beautiful custom designed signs to be mounted on your stucco or stone facade exterior walls. Advertise your company in an elegant fashion with an expertly designed exterior building sign from Arizona Commercial Signs.


Exterior Pylon Building Signs:

Exterior Pylon Building Signs Phoenix

Pylon signs are the clear cut winner with the highest visibility and exposure for your business! Pylon signs stand out over 2 to 1 over monument. You are much more likely to be seen over your competitors using a pylon signage and get people in your business. Read more about exterior pylon building signs.

Monument Building Signs:

Exterior Monument Building Signs Phoenix

Monument Signs are both double and single-sided signs that are installed at varying heights. They are often placed near high traffic paths and help identify your business within a building, two or more similar office buildings, or an office complex. Businesses pay enough in advertising getting customers motivated to get on the road and head towards our doors. Read more about monument building signs.

Building Letter Signs (Pan Channel Letters):

Exterior Building Letter Signs Phoenix
Standard Channel letter signs consist of individually formed metal letters with internal illumination. They can be made in either high-quality steel or aluminum and produced in any color. As an added benefit to you we place an acrylic sign face over the metal letters to enclose the sign in order to keep pests out. Neon or LED’s can be used to light the letters to really make it pop and get you that attention needed to increase traffic in your business. Read more about building letter signs.

Reverse Building Letter Signs (Reversed Channel):

Reversed Exterior Building Letter Signs
Reverse Channel Letter Signs are fabricated from aluminum and as they are illuminated they have a very rich look. This illumination casts light onto the wall behind the sign giving the letters a Halo effect. These illuminated letters have a clear acrylic cover on the back, which keeps out birds and other pests. These can also use Neon or LED’s for a light source depending on what style fits your needs best. Read more about reversed building letter signs.

Neon Building Signs:

Neon Exterior Building Signs Phoenix

Choosing neon for your preferred method of signage affords you the most flexibility for customizing your business’s signage. Of our wide variety of neon sign types for sale, you can choose between Pan-Channel letter (plastic-face individual letters for a wall or storefront), window neon (self-contained, portable sign displays), exposed wall or window neon and decorative neon accents. Read more about neon building signs.

Multi-Location Building Signage:

Multi Location Exterior Building Signs Phoenix

If you are a building owner with multi-location businesses, you need a sign company who is capable of building & installing multi-location signage. Installing signs for multiple locations requires sign design, city permitting, landlord approval, sign fabrication, service, delivery, and installation.  Let Arizona Commercial Signs guide you through this process to make your multi-location sign installation a breeze. Read more about multi-location building signage.


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