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How Much Do Monument Signs Cost?

If you are searching for the cost of monument signs, this post should help!

At Arizona Commercial Signs we have spoken with thousands of business owners over the years who tend to ask, “How much does a monument business sign cost?” With our knowledge in the sign business, most business owners understand the value of a monument sign and are interested in an illuminated sign that grabs the attention of potential customers driving by.

The average monument sign cost is about $275 per sq ft. Costs range from $150 to $400 per square foot depending on complexity.

Getting two quotes for the same sign can vary widely and can be a little confusing. There are a couple rules that every sign manufacturer must follow:

  • The cost of a sign will depend on how big it is and how complex the design is. A more complicated sign is going cost more.
  • The cost per sq. ft, goes up with how complex the sign is, but will go down with size.
  • You can reduce sign costs by lessening complexity (labor costs) or longevity (quality of materials used).

What exactly does “complexity” mean? A great example would be upgrading your sign from fixed signage, to a sign with letters that you can change, to a sign with an electronic messaging system. Another example is upgrading from a sign that is flat-faced to routed letters, giving a sort of 3D look. Despite the fact that complexity adds cost, it can vastly improve the visibility of your sign, its flexibility, and the way people see the caliber of your brand.

Still unsure at what a monument business sign should cost? Here are a couple of examples you can use as a guide.

A $5,000 Sign

An example is a 5×7’ monument sign that is manufactured using industrial-grade aluminum with acrylic panels or the combining of digitally printed graphics and vinyl lettering. This type of sign will provide your business many years of service before needing any maintenance. It is also double sided, so it can be seen by potential customers traveling in either direction. Another way to keep cost down is by using ground-mounted secondary lighting.

A simple monument sign can be custom tailored by adding more colors, central illumination, cosmetic effects, or a masonry-style platform.

A $10,000 Sign

An example of a 6×8′ double-sided pylon sign is going to be larger and taller, so it requires heftier footings and support columns to manage the added wind-load. Some feature an extruded aluminum type construction, face frames on hinges for the ease of sign maintenance. The sign faces could be digitally printed in full color on vinyl panels with a backing of 3/16” thick Lexan. They can easily be changed out if your business’s brand changes or the building moves in a new tenant. The bottom half of the sign can have 2 or 3 tracks for 6” changeable copy letters.

In addition, internal fluorescent lighting can be changed energy saving to LEDs to lower maintenance costs. And the changeable copy letter tracks can be upgraded to an electronic message system to optimize marketing with routinely changed copy.

A $28,000 Sign

A 10×7’ tall double-sided, centrally-lit sign can also be manufactured from aluminum but will have many custom features. It could include a pan-formed Lexan face with raised lettering giving it a 3D look. It will use central LED lighting. A stone type effect base is engineered from aluminum and can be covered with digitally printed vinyl to give it an enhanced look at a lower price than using real masonry.

Some of these signs come with the addition of 3’ x 7’ full-color, electronic message system on both sides of the sign. This will Include wireless software to change the text, a built-in graphics driver, and can have on-site training or internet software training. This sign can include an electronic messaging system that can display even more detail, but can come at larger price because of the resolution. Some of these systems resolutions will vary more pixel pitch means it will come out more grainy. Less pixel pitch can even display life like 60 fps video. You can upgrade further by having remote access to change the text or video on one sign or multiple locations.

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