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What is a Pylon Sign?

What Is A Pylon Sign? Arizona Commercial Signs

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What is a pylon sign?

Pylon signs are freestanding signs, with a vertical support structure which is either exposed or covered and over 10 feet high. Pylon signage is often used at shopping plazas and strip malls showing the business occupants.

Benefits of pylon signs

  • Attract customers from the main road or street
  • Creates brand awareness by having a statement sign
  • Lit up at night using eco friendly and cost effective LED lights
  • Custom designed to suit your business needs and total cost
  • Excellent for properties with longer driveways or parking areas where customers are unable to conveniently see your business
  • Can include a changeable LED message easily changed from your desk or smart phone

What are the main differences between a monument sign and a pylon sign?

One word – height. Most monument signs are no taller than about 5 feet. It displays your message at eye level and integrates beautifully with your business ground. A pylon is much taller and catches the eye of prospective customers that are still quite a distance away.

Won’t this make the pylon sign the perfect sign?

No, it does not. Consider for a moment a neighborhood with assorted zoning patterns. Apartment complexes and Residential homes mixed with strip malls, banks, or similar businesses. Having a very tall pylon sign in this setting makes the business stand out – but not in a good way. It just does not fit the indivduality of the neighborhood.

How will a pylon sign benefit me?

When your business is located in an industrial area where distances between storage facilities and manufacturing plants measure in city blocks, it makes sense to erect a pylon sign and alert motorists and possible customers in search of your business to your location. A pylon is also a good idea when your business is one of many that are situated along four-lane road, a highway, or interstate. Cars and trucks travel at a higher rate of speed, and catching the eye of potential customers earlier is to your advantage.

Also remember that you don’t have to choose the tallest pylon that Arizona Commercial Signs can manufacture. Management companies like to use pylons to display the names of the businesses at their venues, but they do so with signage that is of moderate heights and suits the personality of the area. Most business clients who order pylon signs will select lit versions to improve the visibility of their messages.

Pylon sign design, manufacture & installation in Phoenix, Arizona

If you are interested in pylon signs in Phoenix, call us at 480-921-9900. Arizona Commercial Signs is a full-service sign company providing expert sign designers, builders, fabricators, and installers serving the greater Phoenix Metro Area and surrounding cities.

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