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Monument Signs Vs Pylon Signs

Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

When discussing appropriate signage to get the interest of passing drivers for your business, Arizona Commercial Signs frequently suggest installing a pylon or monument signs for area business owners. Both types of signs advertise your business’s brand through the display of your business colors and logo. With that said, a lot of our clients feel that they need to replace their monument signs when an adjacent business has a pylon sign installed. Should you?

Differences of Monument Signs and Pylon Signs

Traditional monument signs are usually no higher than around 5 feet. It displays your message at a suitable level and blends in with your business landscape. A pylon sign is a lot taller and gets the interest of individuals that are a little further away. In reality, many pylon signs are a lot taller than the business building that they’re advertising.

Will This Make A Pylon Sign the Ideal Sign?

It typically won’t. Residential houses and/ or apartments are mixed in with financial institutions, strip malls, and corresponding businesses. With a very tall pylon sign installed in these types of environments will make your business stick out – but not in a positive way. It just won’t fit the character of the area.

Pylon Signs, What Are They?

If your business is situated in industrial locations where the area between storage facilities and manufacturing warehouses encompass city blocks, it’s a good idea to get a pylon sign installed and get the attention of motorists searching for your location to get to your business. A pylon sign is additionally great when your business is located along highways, freeways, or four-lane roads. Motorists on these roads travel more fast and grabbing the interest of the drivers in advance is very beneficial.

Shopping mall management decide on pylon signs to show the brands of the shop that have business at their locations, but they display them with signs that are of a suitable height and, consequently, fits the character of the location. A lot of clients that order pylon signs will decide on versions that light up to increase the visibility of the messages they want to express.

Is a Monument Sign Right For My Business?

What are Monument Signs? when your business is located along two-lane roads, four-lane roads with lower speeds or inside of a more residential location, a monument sign is perfect. In addition, bear in mind you have options in regard to the displaying of your company details, which could enhance your sign’s visibility. As an example, getting a digital reader board installed gives you the possibility to modify your messages and grab the eye of motorists.

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